SONG NOTES: Really crawled inside of Roger William's history and philosophy to prepare for this song. The
flight from Massachustes to The Narragansett Bay on foot was, to me the embodiment of Willam's resolve to
be free. So I tried to create this bleak, kind of trudging along atmosphere in the first part of the song. The
words and mood get more hopeful and reveal more of his values as he reaches the Bay and make allies with
natives. All kind of guided by a greater power.
Billy Mitchell
105 Miles       
Billy Mitchell                             

That winter was a prison for his soul
Colorless and blank, in-tensified by cold
Its grip was just as strong as those, who judge what's right or wrong
So from that empty land….he must go.

One hundred and five miles to freedom
One hundred and five miles, through ice and snow each day
One hundred and five miles on foot and searching
Providence will help him find the way.    (them, us)

They crossed the sea to find a place to grow      
To live the way their hearts could feel and their minds could know
Yet faceless men who think they’re blessed control their spirit so     
from that empty land….they must go


Outcast once more we reach a distant shore           
to settle and take root, never more to roam                      
Gentle natives of this land extend a helping hand
And help us build a place we can call home.

From now on we can see tomorrow
live and learn and be who we will be
Where separate paths of God and man by our own choice we follow
Thank Providence we’ve found…how to be free    a place to be

105 MILES (by Billy Mitchell)



Heather Rose - Acoustic Guitar and Vocal

Recorded at
Scredco Studio
by Greg Bass
©2011 Heather Rose

You didn't believe me
when I said that something's gotta change
You didn't agree
with so many things I had to say
I kept pushing
push push pushing the envelope
Just to see
see how far I could go/ to reach my goal

You told me to leave
to go on back from whence I came
I couldn't conceive of such failure
so I decided to stay
And I walked
Walked on down to the water
and I talked
talked to the natives
We got along and we learned from one another


I know
this land is made for greatness
in the Divine and let's be thankful
Faith in what you believe - Providence

I seemed on my own
til word got around and people they did follow
We took the high road
left others to live in the ways that they would die for
I kept preaching
and practicing what I preached
And my promises
I worked hard to keep them/ to all whom I reached

I built a home
side by side with my family and country men
Mortar and stone
to protect us from the elements
And with prayer
the seasons they did pass
The plantations
we hung our hopes on every blade of glorious grass


[middle 8]
I didn't travel beyond the sea
just to give up when a storm approaches
I'm standing solid in my belief
we can plant roots deep and strong
Freedom and Equality

©2011 Heather Rose

They`ve been building up these buildings in my city
Til it don`t look like home no more
Now I can`t see the sun beyond the concrete
At any minute it could start to pour                                                    

I’ve been losing all the feeling in my fingers
From clenching both my fists
Now I can’t even hold a conversation
to talk about the skyline that I miss

It feels like December, it’s almost July
and I don’t think I’ll make it through the season
it’s hard to remember, as much as I try

What the landscape looked like long ago
back before I knew the things I know             
when all we had to do was hope
and think up dreams to follow--Follow                                

I’ve been taking all the shortcuts I can think of
To get to where I’ve been
Cuz I can’t figure out just how I got here
And I don’t want to end up here again                                                    

I’ve been circling these neighborhoods for hours
Still I don’t know where I’m at
They seem the same but strangely unfamiliar
Just like an old reflection looking back


[Middle 8]:
Out with the old – in with the news flash      
taller the pile – the bigger the crash
We’re losing ground – And now I’ve lost track
Some things you loved –
you’re never gonna get back

oh – you know you’ll never get back
oh – you know you’ll never gonna get back
oh – to the past – you know

ABOUT THE SONGS: The Hear In RI Songwriting
Contest, sponsored by the Providence 375
Commission, was one of the biggest challenges I've
faced as a songwriter. I knew I wanted to take part
right away. The chance to have my music included in
such a rare event was too tempting,  It's not like I'll be
around for the 475th year Anniversary, haha! The
problem was an obvious one. How in the world was I
supposed to successfully write a song, in my style,
about Roger William's ideals and legacy that I could
be proud of? I write pop/rock, not historically accurate
folk! Add to this, that Roger William's fought for
religious freedom and what you have are the
ingredients for a potential
not exactly something I'd like to attach my name to.
So I decided to step away from how I traditionally
write songs and instead treat the contest like an
assignment. I went to the library and took out book
after book. I hooked up a dusty VCR to my flat screen
and watched one of the only existing documentaries
on the founding of Providence. I read and studied up
like I was going to be tested. My theory was, the more
I engulfed myself in the subject matter, the more
possible it would be for me to put myself in Roger
Williams position. Then I sat down with my guitar,
tried to FEEL what Roger Williams was going through
so many years ago and when I "got it", I wrote a song
in his perspective.The result is a song simply entitled,
"Providence". I'll be performing this new song along
with a song by local songwriter Billy Mitchell called
"105 Miles" about Williams winter journey. In addition,
I'll also be playing a second brand new tune of mine
(also about Providence) called, "My City. My Skyline"