A very popular duo in their day, Fuzek•Rossoni was formed more than twenty
years ago when
John Fuzek and Mary Ann Rossoni were simultaneously
running ads in the “musicians wanted” classifieds of a local paper. They both
were looking for musical partners to perform with. One answered the other’s ad.
They met and played music and had a lot in common. The musical chemistry was
immediate and they began writing songs. In a few months they released their first
recording, “Living with the Fury and the Fire”. This recording and the duo went on
to win many awards in the Providence Phoenix Best Music Poll of 1990. Together
they created songs that dealt with such issues as relationships, politics and the
environment. Tight harmonies and nice blends of both rhythm, lead and fingerstyle
acoustic guitar were their trademark. They released a second recording “Waking
Up from the American Dream” and also contributed to many compilations and
toured extensively around the Northeast. Fuzek•Rossoni were the driving force
behind the beginnings of the Rhode Island Songwriters Association and Hear In
Rhode Island. After 7 years together they decided to take a break. They remained
great friends but musically began to move in different directions. John produced
festivals and worked behind the scenes and Mary Ann began a solo career. Today
they are both accomplished solo performers. After years of not performing publicly
(they have “jammed” and written songs together over the years), they are back for
the occasional reunion performance.
John and Mary Ann c.1992
The Reunion Show in Narragansett July 2004
Above: 1st promo photo 1989
The Reunion Show at the Towers In
Narragansett on July 27th 2004
John and Mary Ann
April 3rd 2008
The Reunion Set at the Sustainable Living Festival June 7th 2008
Left: promo photo 1992
Stone Soup fundraiser
at the PVD Social Club
April 2012
Dec 2009