©2011 Mary Ann Rossoni & John Fuzek

I was born in Providence
Given freedom by the bay
I was born in Providence
My heart is here to stay

As I walk, by the fire on the river to the sea
I recall a younger day and the way it used to be

We’d ride the bus
In mom we’d trust
To guide our shopping spree

From store to store
Revolving doors
To Shepard’s for their tea

I came of age in Providence
Wanting freedom by the bay
I came of age in Providence
My heart is here to stay.

Like weeds we grew through the cobble
But soon the streets were paved
Raising hell round the Ring Roads
By the grace of God were saved

When times got lean
Through changing scenes
Hope was all that thrived

Sticks and stones
We stood alone
And managed to survive

I believed in Providence
Its freedom by the bay
I believed in Providence
My heart is here to stay


I believed in Providence
Its freedom by the bay
I believed in Providence
My heart is here to stay

Rise again from the ashes
Thought long since blown away
Light the candles, make your wishes
The city’s re-birth day

The crowds return
The braziers burn
Inviting them to roam

Church bells ring
The voices sing
Downtown calls them home

I’ll never leave Providence
Freedom by the bay
I’ll never leave Providence
My heart is here to stay

I’m in love with Providence
Freedom by the bay
I’m in love with Providence
My heart is here to stay.
Mary Ann Rossoni - Vocal
John Fuzek - Acoustic Guitar

Recorded at
Scredco Studio
by Greg Bass

FUZEK-ROSSONI - A very popular duo in their day,Fuzek•Rossoni was formed more than twenty years ago
John Fuzek and Mary Ann Rossoni were simultaneously running ads in the “musicians wanted”
classifieds of a local paper. They both were looking for musical partners toperform with. One answered the
other’s ad. They met and played music and had a lot in common. The musical chemistry was immediate and
they began writing songs. In a few months they released their first recording, “Living with the Fury and the Fire”.
This recording and the duo went on to win many awards in the Providence Phoenix Best Music Poll of 1990.
Together they created songs that dealt with such issues as relationships, politics and the environment. Tight
harmonies and nice blends of both rhythm, lead and finger-style acoustic guitar were their trademark sound.
They released a second recording “Waking Up from the American Dream” and also contributed to many
compilations and toured extensively around the Northeast. Fuzek•Rossoni were the driving force behind the
beginnings of the Rhode Island Songwriters Association and Hear In Rhode Island. After 7 years together they
decided to take a break. They remained great friends but musically began to move in different directions. John
produced festivals and worked behind the scenes and Mary Ann began a solo career. Today they are both
accomplished solo performers. After years of not performing publicly (they have “jammed” and written songs
together over the years), they are back for the occasional reunion performance.
The song, "My Heart Is Here To Stay" was
originally conceived when John Fuzek brought the
idea of the chorus, "I'm in love with Providence" to
Mary Ann so they could write a song for a CD of
songs about Providence. The CD to be produced
by The City of Providence in 2000. They wrote
the song based on memories of their youth. A
demo for the song was recorded but the duo
never performed it live. The CD from 2000 never
came to fruition and the song lay dormant. When
the opportunity arose to add it to the "Singing
About Providence" CD John and Mary Ann
recorded a simple version of the song so it could
be added to the compilation.