105 Miles       
Billy Mitchell                               

That winter was a prison for his soul
Colorless and blank, in-tensified by cold
Its grip was just as strong as those, who judge what's right or wrong
So from that empty land….he must go.

One hundred and five miles to freedom
One hundred and five miles, through ice and snow each day
One hundred and five miles on foot and searching
Providence will help him find the way.    (them, us)

They crossed the sea to find a place to grow      
To live the way their hearts could feel and their minds could know
Yet faceless men who think they’re blessed control their spirit so     
from that empty land….they must go


Outcast once more we reach a distant shore           
to settle and take root, never more to roam                      
Gentle natives of this land extend a helping hand
And help us build a place we can call home.

From now on we can see tomorrow
live and learn and be who we will be
Where separate paths of God and man by our own choice we follow
Thank Providence we’ve found…how to be free    a place to be

©2011 Billy Mitchell

Meet me under the Shepard's clock, 'bout quarter to one
Just make sure you got your glad rags on, ain't the twenties fun
Window browsin' at Cherry & Webb, stroll to the Outlet for some lunch instead
Waitin' here patient-ly because,  you’re the only one

Meet me under the Shepard's clock, West-minster Street
Swell day for a city stroll, got happy feet
Takin' in a talkie at the Albee or Fay's, catchin' nine innings of the Providence Grays
Countin' every second till I see you again, ain't she sweet

Meet me under the Shepard's clock,   that's where I'll be
Walkin' hand in hand is the cat's meow, just you & me
Jump onto a trolly, off we go, to DubyaEAN for a radio show
Puttin' on the Ritz in the city today, such a sight to see.

Downtown struttin' with my sweetie, my favorite thing to do
East side, Smith Hill, South Main Street, long as it's with you

A promenade in Providence is such a joy, maybe we can stop and hear that Cohan boy
Meet me under the Shepard's clock, that's where I'll be
Meet me under the Shepard's clock, it's the place to be.
Meet me under the Shepard's clock, just you and me
SONG NOTES: I've always had a fascination with the roaring twenties. Must be some leftover Gatsby like
energy from another life. Am an equal fan of architechure. Whenever I think of Providence, the Shepard
Building image pops in my head. As a kid in Westerly I can still remember driving to Providence on old route 3
to the big city. My parents & I would go shopping. Sometimes we'd split up, but our meeting place was always
"under the Shepard's clock. I think there was even aradio commerical to the effect at the time. So I decided to
put the city & it's architecture & people in the twenties and paint a musical picture. Chose a little ragtime
progression & off we went.
I KNOW A GUY                     
Billy Mitchell

There’s no place like Rhode Island, It is quite u-nique.
Our politics, our roots, e-ven the way we speak.
Rhode Island is a bowl of fruit, from which we all can pick.
But it takes a certain knack; it takes a certain trick.

I know a guy, I know a guy. It’s how they get things done here; it’s how they all get by.
I know a guy, I know a guy, with someone in your corner, it’s easy as apple pie.

Now if you want that parking ticket, to simply go away,
or a front row seat at the Dunk, to see your favorite rock star play.
Or beat the wait for a table, at a restaurant on the hill     
here's a home-town remedy, a cure for all your ills


How about a nice state job, with a pension big and fat                                   
Or maybe a low number license plate, we can deal with that
Is your driveway getting shabby, need a black top that looks great?
we’ll send a truck to sneak you in, those potholes can wait

Chorus - Bridg(slow)

Roger Williams walked from Salem, to the Narragansett Bay
Chief Sachem Canonicus helped him, gave him a place to stay
The settlement of Providence, was born that very day
So, thanks to that Chief Sachem, Roger was the first Rhode Islander to say

I know a guy, I know a guy, “It’s how we get things done here, it’s how we all get by.
I know a guy, I know a guy, c’mon and sing along, make this the new state song
I know a guy, I know a guy, scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours, just give it a try
I know a guy, I know a guy, with someone in your corner, it’s easy as apple pie.   3X
BILLY MITCHELL: It's been said that Billy’s Mitchell's music is like a trip to Key West via “The Twilight Zone”.
Full of twists and turns. An unabashed Boomer, Billy's music resonates, involves and entertains, spanning
emotionally from heartfelt to hilarious. His original music is recorded on five CDs: "What's So Bad About Feelin'
Good?", "The Diva of the Silver Top Diner", "Gumbo Beach", "Trop Trip" and most recently, "Detour". Born in
Westerly, R.I., Billy has been performing for over 30 years on the Newport, East Greenwich & South Kingstown
waterfronts and regionally in venues like Dick’s Last Resort in Boston and The House of Blues on Sunset Strip
in L.A.  He originally sang in a cappella doo-wop quartet The Hudsons, and is front man for Classic Rock band
New York Minute, in addition to his solo engagements. An emancipated advertising agency creative director,
he has written many radio commercials and jingles. (A music video received a nationally recognized Telly
award).He is a published ASCAP songwriter and a board member of the Rhode Island Songwriters Association.
Billy lives on a pond in West Kingston, RI with the love of his life, a family of Canadian Geese and, at last
count, 473 rainbow trout.
SONG NOTES: RI has its own inate sense of humor. "I Know a Guy" was written for a Rhode Island Songwriters
Association concert as part of the Providence 375 celebration. Along with "Meet Me Under the Shepard's
Clock". I had read a blog from Doug Norris of The South County Independent about the "Knowaguy" state.
Also heard the term again on a radio interview. Figured that was a sign from the muses, so started writing. I've
played this song out many times (most recently at a few mini-concerts on a two week trip to Italy) and it never
fails. No matter where people are from or how old they are, they identify with the tune. Yes, even in Italy!
Seems like everybody knows a guy, but Rhode Islanders especially appreciate it
SONG NOTES: Really crawled inside of Roger William's history and philosophy to prepare for this song. The
flight from Massachustes to The Narragansett Bay on foot was, to me the embodiment of Willam's resolve to
be free. So I tried to create this bleak, kind of trudging along atmosphere in the first part of the song. The
words and mood get more hopeful and reveal more of his values as he reaches the Bay and make allies with
natives. All kind of guided by a greater power.
Both Songs ("I Know A Guy" and "Meet Me Under The Shepard's Clock") appear on my fifth CD, DETOUR,
which was recorded at Daffy Dock Studios in West kingston, R.I. All tracks (with the exception of a great drum
machine track) were performed by yours truly. Kind of a Brian Wilson thing. Other CD I've produced are:

"What's So bad About feelin Good?'
The Diva of the Silver Top Diner"
"Gumbo Beach"
"Trop Trip"

More information than anyone needs to know can be found at www.BillyMitchellSongs.com